Rational Immortality

"If death was good, the gods would not be immortal", Sappho

About Us

ImmortalityGST.comPersonal Immortality & General System Theory (GST)

ImmortalityGST.com represents a group of people united by a common aspiration after achievement of immortality of the personality (personal immortality) by rational means (through the scientific approach). We take, that the most straightforward way for personal immortality achievement is based on the system-information approach for study of the human psyche, consciousness and self-awareness.

Here we unite and we will put in order the pieces of information related to our common goal, so other immortality seekers could use, discuss, and complement the accumulated knowledge and eventually to join us.
Your help could be crucial for the problem solving!

The achievement of this goal can be in the base of the more and more discussed «technological singularity».

Within the WWW space there are already many sites dedicated on immortality. The ImmortalityGST, however is the place where the General System Theory sets the direction of our scientific research and development.

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